Explore The Yoga Power Of Office Yoga


Explore The Yoga Power Of Office YogaDevoting time on exercise to stay fit is a tough job for executives working in office. They always have a reason for not exercising that is ‘they do not have time to spend on exercising and staying fit’. But that does not mean that they do not want to stay fit.

If you are also one of these working professionals then here is an easy guide for Yoga asana which you can do by simply making use of your office desk. If you can just take out some valuable time out of your busy schedule and spend on these asana, then you can fulfil the dream of staying fit while working.

This will also help in keeping your stress free in the office. While sitting on the chair you can feel the fitness and energy in your body and along with this it will improve your work performance also.

Things You Need To Take Care Of

Working professionals are usually busy till late night, so for them getting up early in the morning is a task. That is the reason why they cannot take time out for workouts or exercises in the morning. But here is a one-time solution to stay fit by just taking 10 minutes out of your hectic schedule and practice these yoga Asanas at the work place only to stay fit.

This will make you feel full of beans and help you staying tranquil all the time. Never eat anything heavy before starting the stretches for the Yoga Asana. Yoga should always be practised when the stomach is empty or two hours after the consumption of food.

Always keep in mind that the ten minutes you are going to practice the yoga asana should be peaceful and unperturbed. There should not be any kind of physical or mental disturbance during those ten minutes. Drink large amount of water during the whole day, this will help in cleaning your stomach and will keep your skin glowing too.

During anxiety try and sit calmly and start taking deep breathes, but very slowly to release all the stress. Take deep breathes from each nostril 10 times each one by one by closing the other one while breathing from the open one. This will make you feel calm and you will feel fresh too.

Office Yoga For Neck

In order to remove the stiffness and the stress from the neck do some yogic stretches. These will improve the blood circulation to the neck and will give a nice kick-start to your day in the office.

Right Way To Do Neck Stretches

Sit on the chair with neck and back in upright position. Now move your neck up and down slowly for five times. This should be done very calmly and without any shove. Now move your neck from right to left direction and then left to right for five times.

Now bend your head towards the left shoulder, so that your ear touches your shoulder and same way do it with the right shoulder and right year .Repeat this gesture also five times. Now finally rotate your neck five times in clockwise direction and then again five times in anti- clockwise direction.

Rotation For Shoulders

Keep your fingers on the shoulder, right hand fingers on the right shoulder and the left hand ones on the left shoulder. Now slowly bring your elbows in front of your face very slowly.

Explore The Yoga Power Of Office Yoga

Remember the hands should remain bending at the elbows and the fingers should keep on touching the shoulders. While inhaling move both the elbows simultaneously in clockwise direction for five times. Now rotate both the elbows in the same position in anti- clockwise direction for five times.

Stretches For Shoulders

In order to make your shoulder muscles sturdy and flexible you should do these stretches for the shoulders. Sit straight on the chair and keep your back in the upright position while sitting. Now fold your hands and bring both the palms at the back of your neck. Now interlock the fingers of both the hands at the back of the neck.

While inhaling bend your head backwards and push the elbows also backwards and remain in this stretched position for 10 seconds. While exhaling bring both the elbows along with the head also and now bend the head forward so that the chin touches the chest. Bring both the elbows closer so that they touch each other. Repeat this stretch for five times.

Office Yoga For Back

This exercise helps in improving the blood circulation to the backbone and makes it sturdy too. Sit straight on the chair and bring both the hands at the back of the chair while they are in the hanging position and interlock the fingers of both the hands. Remember the hands should not bend.

While inhaling bend both the shoulders backwards and push your chest slowly towards the front. Now keeping the shoulders in upright position push your neck and head backwards. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds.
Now slowly while exhaling pull both the hands backwards along with the shoulders. Repeat this workout three times.

Stretching With Back Twisting

This exercise is very efficient in removing all the stress from the back as well as the neck and helps in improving the blood circulation to the spine. Sit straight on a chair and now twist one hand from the side of your back and hold one arm rest of the chair.

Now twist the other hand from the front of your chest and hold the other arm rest po0f the chair. Remember you have to make a cross by twisting one hand from the front and the other from the back side. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and slowly return back to the normal position. Repeat this exercise for three times.

Stretches For Legs

This exercise is best for relieving pain from the legs and to make them tough. Sit straight on the chair with back in upright position. Now holding the chair with both the hands inhale and lift both the legs up in the air together.

Remember that the legs should not be bent and stay in this position for ten seconds and exhale. Repeat this exercise for five times. Doing all these stretches and yoga asanas in the office will keep you fit and fervent while working so enjoy and explore the power of yoga in the office.

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