Facial Moisturizers for Various Skin Types

These days, more and more women desire to have simple and effective ways to provide proper care to their facial skin. And not far behind, men of today also realize the importance of taking care of their face. It is quite easy as it involves a few simple steps viz., cleansing, toning, moisturizing and applying eye cream.

Firstly, one should choose a cleanser that removes the makeup or dirt from the face. It should be non-analgesic, meaning it should not contain any ingredients that clog the pores of the facial acne.

The cleanser should also be non-abrasive and contain mild buffers that include chamomile or aloe to comfort the skin. You can opt from a variety of facial cleansers, such as facial towelettes and cleansing waters and foams.

A toner provides the PH balance to the skin and also removes the excess filth that a cleanser could not pick up. It is also known as astringent and freshener. All of these have the same function, but are designed and meant for different skin types. Fresheners are useful for sensitive and dry skin as they are free from alcohol.

For a normal skin type, toners are best suited because they contain some amount of alcohol so that the skin is not dried out completely. Astringents contain the maximum amount of alcohol and are advantageous for oily and acne prone faces.

An ideal moisturizer should contain a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 or higher. Chemically-prepared sunscreens have synthetic ingredients and could irritate the skin.

People with normal skin types have a choice of applying either a lotion or emulsion that depends whether their skin has a drier or oilier nature. If you have an oily skin, you should use an oil free water-based formula.

Some people apply a facial moisturizer even on the eye area. This is not a good idea as the skin surrounding the eye is of lesser thickness than from the facial skin. That part around the eye does not generate moisture. So, various eye creams are available to moisturize that area.

Gently apply some eye cream around the orbital bone for good moisturizing. Your skincare routine will not take more than five minutes and you will get a fresh and clean facial skin.