Fighting Fatigue

Partying late after midnight, compromising on sleep, stressing deadlines at work, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

are some of the causes of fatigue. If not handled at the right time, routine exhaustion can turn into chronic fatigue and adversely influence your day-to-day life. It is essential to identify the causes of persistent fatigue and take measures to overcome them for mental and physical well being.

Our unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most prominent reasons for exhaustion and tiredness. These days, people hardly take out time to exercise. Moreover unhealthy eating habits have contributed immensely to this problem. To keep yourself fit and healthy, it is inevitable to stop being a couch potato and exercise regularly for healthy functioning of the body.

Skipping meals should be strictly avoided and ample food should be eaten to ensure proper intake of nutrients. Inculcate green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet and cut down on calories and fats. If the problem persists, supplement your diet with multivitamin capsules to overcome the deficiency of nutrients. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

Keeping up late at night for watching television or completing pending task should be avoided as much as it can be. A good night sleep ensures a fresh and healthy start in the morning and you are able to work with invigorated energy and enthusiasm. Take a brisk walk at night before going to bed and avoid intake of caffeinated products at night.

If you are engaged in a sitting job, take a break after every hour or two to stretch and move around. It will relax the muscles and relieve the tension. Reduce stress of pressing deadlines by completing your task within the time limit.

Avoid situations that cause apprehension and worry as it drains out your physical and mental energy. To relieve yourself of anxiety and stress, practice relaxation techniques of yoga and meditation. Or else listen to a calming audio or visit a spa center. These activities will help in maintaining and enhancing physical and mental well being.

Drinking plenty of water is another essential task to ensure health and fitness. It maintains the hydration level of the body and detoxifies by flushing out he harmful chemicals from the system. Take the advice of a medical practitioner before consuming medications.