Fighting Gestational Diabetes With A Good Diet Plan

Yoga Benefits For Diabetes Patients

Gestational diabetes is common in 5% of all pregnant women and can be easily treated by following a consistent diet and exercise. It is well known that diabetes is harmful to both the mother and the baby but if by taking the right nutrition the sugar levels are kept in control then the safety of both the mother and the baby is assured.

Yoga Benefits For Diabetes Patients

Gestational diabetes usually occurs only during pregnancy in a woman who has never had diabetes before. It is important to closely monitor the sugar levels to ensure that complications are avoided during delivery. As you may be aware, insulin is responsible for taking the glucose from the blood and supplying them to the body cells.

In case you are diabetic, either the production of the hormone insulin is less or  the cells are not utilizing the hormone the way it should be used. In case the diabetes is at a very preliminary change, a change in diet alone would help otherwise you may need to take insulin to keep your sugar levels in control. There are a number of tips to be followed if you are suffering from gestational diabetes. Firstly  eat a wide variety of foods and concentrate more on carbohydrates and food rich in fiber.

Take insulin

It is a good idea to eat three to four moderate sized meals a day as well as around two to four healthy snacks not junk. It is very important never to skip any meals to ensure that the blood sugar levels remain consistent throughout the day. Always eat meals around the same time every day. Do not have long gaps between meals. It is good to have something at regular intervals rather than wait till you are very hungry.

If you eat only when you are hungry your blood sugar may shoot up. Do not drink more than 2 glasses of milk a day and avoid fruit juices, colas or soft drink. Instead you can eat fresh fruits rich in fiber which will help keep the sugar levels in control. Walking is a great exercise and is really good for both your diabetes and your general health during pregnancy.

Do walk