Fitness During Pregnancy


One of the major things that haunt pregnant women is the thought of having gained excessive weight.

During pregnancy, the eating quantity doubles and women are also advised to reduce the amount of physical activity they indulge in, so that the baby gets complete care, and no damage is done.

However, some physical movement is important to ensure that the joints don’t become stiff, and so that the lethargic nature does not bring in a lot of weight gain. For that, it is important to know some safe fitness tips that one can follow during pregnancy.

Walking is perhaps the safest thing that you begin with. Take morning walks or evening walks, whatever suits you more. These walks will ensure that you do not suffer from constipation, and so that you get some fresh air too to get rid of nausea.

For those women who love water, water aerobics and swimming can also be tried out. If you talk to a trainer, or get yourself enrolled in a club meant especially for pregnant women, you will get to know more about the kinds of exercises that you can do in water. This will not only help you to strengthen your muscles, but will also make you ready and prepared for labor.

There are some forms of dancing too which are considered to be safe during pregnancy. You obviously can’t go in for Hip Hop or other dance forms which require high intensity movements. But if you like dancing, then you can carry with it even during pregnancy. Just make sure that you have an expert guiding you through it.

Yoga and Pilates are also other options that you can explore. There are classes of these, meant especially for pregnant women, in most areas. If you do a little research, you will be able to find out if there is such a center close to your house.

Always remember, that light exercising will not only help you to have a smooth sailing pregnancy, but will also save you from the nightmare of gaining loads of extra pounds after your delivery. So be a little active, but make sure that you do it the safe way!