Fitness Testing: Few Guidelines For Physical Fitness Tests

Guidelines For Physical Fitness Tests

Before starting on any exercise program it is important to consult a doctor who will suggest taking a physical fitness test. Fitness testing is made usually on two grounds. It can determine whether you are at a risk, particularly from heart attack, if you take up exercise. A fitness test measures your level of muscle performance, heart-lungs efficiency and aerobic fitness.

Guidelines For Physical Fitness Tests

Who needs fitness test? A fitness test is usually administered to anybody who is keen to take up an exercise program and not keeping well. Also middle aged person who take up exercise need to go for fitness test to test their level of endurance and muscle fitness. The test is also performed to assess your need for aerobic activity.

Types Of Fitness Test

A fitness test includes complete physical examination and full measurements of height, weight and percentage of body fat. The blood and urine test is also advised to check the sugar levels and to rule out chances of diseases if any.

Also blood analysis is done to measure the cholesterol levels and the content in the body. Blood cholesterol level is important as it is directly related to heart disease risks.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

A person going through a fitness test has to go through an ECG test to check the electrical activity of heart while resting as well as while exercising.

It is an important measurement to detect the heart problems which might aggravate while doing any vigorous exercise. The heart rate and pulse rate is also useful to indicate the level of fitness and any improvement that might show after doing exercises.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Blood Pressure Measurement & Treadmill Test

It is important to take the blood pressure measurement while resting and while doing exercises. It aims at detecting any cardiovascular problem that could be improved with a better lifestyle modification. The exercise part of the fitness test is performed on a exercise bicycle or on a treadmill.

At the start of the test the treadmill moves at a slow walking pace. As the test progresses the speed is increased so that the person can run on the belt. In both the instances the aerobic strength of the person is tested. The duration of test depends on the age of the person and endurance levels.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Test Analysis

The fitness test continues till the supervising doctor decides that it is no longer safe to continue. Analysis of the result then takes place and the patient is advised about his future activity.

The doctor might suggest you to lose weight with regular aerobics and a change in diet plan. The heart and lung activity test may also reveal the strength level of your organs and whether you need to increase or decrease your physical activities.

Also, if the test reveals heart disease the doctor may put you on medication and reduce physical stress if any. You need to change your diet and lifestyle and give up smoking and alcohol consumption. After the test and a few days of medication and changes you need to go for a follow-up fitness test to make an assessment of your fitness progress.

Do regular aerobics