Fitness Tips For Kids

Maintaining a healthy weight and body can be difficult for kids. It is very difficult to convince them to have a healthy food instead of junk food like burgers and cookies that they like.

It is never too late to start teaching them about health benefits. Teach them to enjoy physical activities instead of playing video games.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast:
You have spent whole night without food. Eating a healthy breakfast takes you through a tough day in school. You can have fruits, cereal, glass of milk or yogurt.

You can eat snacks but smartly:
Kids cannot do without snacks. But you can opt for health snacks like celery sticks with peanut butter, few graham crackers, apple or some other fruit. Try to avoid candies, chips and cookies. You don’t have to completely give up French fries, ice- creams and burgers, but you have to take care that you don’t eat them much often.

Join physical activity club in school:
Take part in various sports activities and other physical activities like swimming, hiking. They make you fit and strong. In fact, physical activities are much more fun with friends. You can also encourage your friends to join you.

Kids like variety:
It is difficult to hold the attention of kids at one place. They get bored of monotonous activities. So keep plenty of options ready for them. Keep changing the rules of the games they play. Take them on a drive to different locations for hiking.

Teach your kids about the benefits of exercising regularly. You do not need a fancy gym for that. You can start by making small changes in your daily life. Take a walk instead of driving for a short distance. Use stairs instead of elevators. Go for regular family walks to the neighborhood park or a mall. Encourage your kids to help you with domestic chores like washing your car, teach them to clean their room etc.

Changing habits of kids is not an easy task. Reward your child when he starts eating healthy and changes his habits. Setting small goals can be a fun activity.
You have to be very patient with your kids. It becomes easier for the kid to adapt healthy habits if elders of the house follow a healthy routine.