Flat Stomach Exercises

Millions of overweight and obese people worldwide, struggle to flatten their stomach. You can get rid of belly fat through some exercises mentioned below.Walking is one of the best exercises to burn fat of your overall body because it increases your metabolic rate. Jogging, dancing, swimming too enhance your metabolism and cause fat to burn. However, there are special exercises especially meant for burning belly fat.

Best oblique exercise is very effective in burning belly fat. Choose a smooth surface and wear comfortable clothes. Thereafter, lie on the floor with your back touching the surface of the floor. Bend your knees and allow your left foot to rest on the floor.

Now bend your right knee and place your left foot across your right knee. Support your head from inside with your left palm and hold your head from right palm by curling your body; make some twisting movements. In this posture your head will remain raised from the floor for the time you make twisting movements.

Turn your body left and right for some time and then exchange your legs and hands position and repeat the same procedures for sometime. Thereafter, allow your head to rest on the floor for sometime. If you do this exercise regularly for some months, you can get remarkable result.

Another abdominal exercise includes raising your legs up. For it, lie on the floor on your back with your hands resting straight on the floor and raise your legs slowly till they become perpendicular to your waist.

Take care not to bend your knees or spine. Then lower down your legs slowly. You need to inhale and exhale deeply while doing this exercise. Do it daily for 10-15 minutes. You will get amazing result within a few weeks.

Best upper abs exercise is also similar and gives equally effective result. In best upper abs exercise lie on the floor on your back and instead of raising your legs bend your knees perpendicular to the floor and let the feet rest on the floor.

Then lift your body above your waist and with both the hands try to touch the ground. See if you can touch your knees with your chest without moving your legs. Don’t force yourself to touch your knees in the beginning. Do it daily 10-15 times to get good result.