Follow the Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight!

Follow the best Diet plans to lose weight!

When one decides to go on a diet, he/she often has in mind that dieting simply means cutting on your food intake or eating less. Many people also consider dieting to be equivalent to starving. However, the reality is absolutely different. Dieting simply stands for maintaining the intake of food in such a manner that you control the inflow and utilization of calories leading to a reduction in the body weight. People often wonder as to what would be the best dietary plan? There are numerous diet plans which throng the market today, but there are just a few which actually have the desired impact.

1. The 90/10 diet plan- This plan essentially focuses on devoting ninety percent of one’s time to healthy diet and leaving the remaining ten percent to all foods that one likes. This would not induce a sense of deprivation in the person and would leave him/her mentally satisfied. This diet plan talks about three levels of food intake- first at 1200 calories, second at 1400 calories and third at 1600 calories. To be at least tried for a period between two weeks to one month, this plan is considered to be very challenging in nature and adherence especially because of the inclusion of high calorie foods with low calorie intake.

2. Five Factor Diet- As the name suggests, the five factor diet concentrates upon the inclusion of five basic components in the diet. These ingredients are proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, fats and water. The plan is considered to be a perfectly balanced one as it aims to strike a balance between all major dietary components. In a week, this diet is to be followed only for a period of six days. On the seventh day, one can eat anything that one wants and make up for one’s continuous craving. However, it must be remembered, that this leniency does not grant one the freedom to eat as per his/her wish and will. The limits on the intake of calories must be maintained.

3. Best Life Diet- All that this plan talks about is replacing the negativity associated with unhealthy food choices with the positivity linked with healthy food. This diet plan is to be followed in three phases. Food items are switched and swapped in all the three phases to observe their impact on the body. By the end of it, this plan would teach to inculcate long term lifestyle changes while being able to monitor the amount and type of food being consumed along with the calorie intake.

Dieticians and diet charts may recommend a certain pattern to follow but one must only follow the pattern which suits his/her body needs and requirements. With these diet plans, losing weight becomes simply trouble-free!