Food For Good Health

Did you know that some food items that you may be using in your daily cuisine can act as natural protective medicines? We need balanced food to stay healthy. Some food items, be it a vegetable or a spice, can work wonders if included in daily diet chart.

Cabbage, a leafy green, is rich in vitamin A essential for good eye sight. Cabbage if included in daily diet can help you to reduce weight naturally. Cabbage juice, if taken daily can help you to give good eye sight and will also prevent loss of memory.

Carrots are rich in β-carotene which is converted in to vitamin A during metabolism. Raw carrots help in dental care and also in improving digestive process by preventing digestive disorders such as indigestion and loss of appetite. Carrot juice taken in an empty stomach along with honey can prevent gastritis and anemia.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Recent studies show that regular consumption of tomatoes can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and even intestinal cancer.  Tomatoes can also be used to treat anemia and digestive problems like loss of appetite and indigestion.

Curd/yoghurt is known for its cooling property. If taken regularly, curd/yoghurt can prevent fever and cold. The amino acid present in it is helpful to stimulate memory power. Moreover, it helps to provide normal habitat to probiotic bacteria which are essential for our good health.

Pure honey taken in an empty stomach is effective enough to enhance our memory power. If taken along with ginger juice, honey becomes a natural pain killer for both stomach pain and tooth ache. This mix is also a natural cough suppressant. Honey taken along with juices of ginger and holy basil leaves is helpful in treating cough and sore throat.

Ginger and carom seeds are spices that are helpful in treating digestive problems as well as fever, diabetes and arthritis. Carom seeds or ajwain are safe to be administered in even infants to treat gastritis.

Onion and garlic are the other common food items in our diet chart. Regular consumption of garlic helps to prevent acidity, diabetes, heart problems and even cancer. Onion, especially shallots, increases resistance power of our body. Regular consumption of onions can prevent fever, asthma, allergy and even heart diseases. Turmeric, used as a food color, is an excellent natural antiseptic and detoxifier.

Regular consumption of these food items will help you to gain resistance power against several diseases and digestive disorders.

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