Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one phase in the life of a woman which is very pleasant, yet painful. Any slight substance may prove hazardous to your or your baby. It is very important to take immense amount of care of yourself during pregnancy.

Indulging in some form of physical activity, getting adequate amount of rest, having the right kind of foods etc. are some things that you should always keep in your mind. But apart from eating right you will also have to make sure that you do not eat anything wrong.

Women always find a list of all the right kind of foods but forget to find a list of the kind of foods that should be avoided. A pregnant women is very sensitive to any foreign organism and the immune system might react in a very adverse way to any foreign substance. So you will have to ensure that you avoid certain kind of foods during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the time when your cravings are on a high. You would want to have food from outside or from your favorite restaurant. But you will have to fight your cravings because foods from outside are madein unhygienic conditions and even slightly contaminated food might disrupt your digestion process leading to lot of complications.

So it is best to have clean and freshly made food at home. Also refrain from having raw or semi cooked foods like sushi, raw eggs etc. Such raw or partially cooked foods contain certain microorganisms like salmonella, listeria etc. These bacteria can result in food poisoning and hence you should avoid such foods during your pregnancy.

Certain kind of cheese and dairy products also contain some bacteria and hence avoid having those to reduce your chances of getting affected by digestive issues.

Certain sea foods like swordfish, shark etc. contain certain levels of mercury which is slightly poisonous. Even traces of such elements might affect the baby and hence you should avoid foods containing such substances.

Switch from tea, coffee etc. to green tea as caffeine is not good for pregnant women. Also refrain from habits like smoking, drinking etc. as these habits can result in irreparable damage to your health and your baby’s health. Find out the list of all such foods that you should avoid during pregnancy.