Foods To Have During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important phase in the life of a woman and it is very important to get though it carefully.You will have to sacrifice most things including your favorite foods for the well being of the baby.Well, everything good in life comes with a price.

So if you are pregnant then you should ensure that you eat well and you eat right.For a healthy pregnancy it is very important to have the right kind of foods.So go meet your doctor and find out the list of foods to have during pregnancy to get through this phase safely.

Most important thing to remember during pregnancy is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet.Things have changed and you cannot gorge on anything and everything in sight.It is very important to indulge in good eating habits during pregnancy.

Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet.Consume foods rich in fibers like oats, whole grain foods, to keep yourself and your baby healthy.You can also have lean meat, turkey, chicken etc.But limit on your intake of red meat as those are high in fat and you do not want to put on extra pounds.

However you can include fishes like tuna, salmon etc. which contains healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.Drink plenty of fruit juices and also have lot of water throughout the day to stay fit and hydrated.

You can treat yourself with an ounce of chocolate once a while as that does you no harm.But you will have to learn to control your cravings during pregnancy.If you feel the need to snack in between meals then munch on fruits and nuts like almonds etc. instead of a packet of fried chips.

Refrain from unhealthy foods like junk foods, fried foods etc. because those may disrupt your digestive system.Keep away from processed foods and have more of natural foods.Analyse what foods can trigger any source of allergy in your case and omit all such foods from your diet.Lactose intolerant women should keep away from diary products.So ensure that you eat right by having foods that fulfill your nutrient requirements during pregnancy.