Foot And Ankle Exercises


Flat feet occur as a result of reduction of the foot arch. This can be caused due to hereditary or wearing shoes or slippers that do not provide support to the arches.Firstly identify the position of your arches in the foot bed. Arches are present along the instep of the feet, near the baseline of the toes and run from the center of the foot sole to the heels. Practicing foot exercises regularly can help in rebuilding arches in flat feet. However this cannot be achieved in a month or two. The process of rebuilding arches in the foot will take at least a year.

Foot And Ankle ExercisesSit down on the edge of the chair and place your feet firmly on the floor. Bend your knees in a right-angle position. Now keep a towel underneath your feet. Gently try to grab the towel with your toes and push it away. This exercise enables the strengthening of five different muscle networks in your feet. This in turn will help the arch to reform. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

arches in the footTake some marbles and scatter them around your feet. Place a bucket nearby. Now use your toes to grab a single marble and drop it in the bucket. Repeat this exercise with all the marbles and drop them in the bucket. Practice the same sequence with the other foot. This exercise will help you strengthen the toe muscle and articulate them to bring back the arch.

Stand bare feet with your feet shoulder length apart. Rise on your right toe and try to curl them like you are trying to grab something with your toes. Then release the position. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds. This enables the fortification of the toe muscles and the development of the arch. Repeat the same exercise with your left foot.Lastly wear comfortable footwear like ergonomic shoes that support the arches and heel cup. Avoid high heels or completely flat feet.

Stand bare feet