For That Flat Belly

Flat bellies are never out of fashion. Be it men or women, everyone wishes for that sleek, wash-board abs. With the rising rage of glamor and cinema, flat bellies have once again picked up top place on the most wanted body part list.

Now, just because you are slim, does not mean you will end-up with a flat belly. There are thin people who have an ugly paunch, making them appear all the more funny. However, the good news is that you can have a flat belly with a few tips, tricks and a little bit of hard-work put together.

Firstly, correct your posture. A right posture makes all the difference to your over-all appearance, be it your personality or your physique. Be sure to push your shoulders back and down every time you walk, sit or simply stand. This simple posture correction will take you a long way in reducing your belly-jelly and help you restore a flat tummy.

Rolling your shoulders backwards works the best in making you look slim. Next, try pulling up your abs and push them up. This simple trick will save you from the painful procedure of crunches. Keeping your buttocks tucked-in also helps in giving that ‘slim-sleek’ appearance to your tummy, so keep in mind to keep your butts in.

Have you heard of the 90 degree exercise? Well, it is a sure-short method of tummy-tuck and will take you a long way in achieving a flat tummy. The best way to work it is to make sure you bend a perfect 90 degree when you need to pick-up something from the ground, simple isn’t it?

If you are one of those people who believe in over-all long-lasting effect, then nothing works better than the good old exercise routines. Buckle-up your belt and go for the simple early morning jogs and walks to get rid of that ugly flab. Crunches work wonders when you need to shift from a fat belly to a flat belly.

Do you have a habit of gulping gallons of water after every meal? Well, next time give your body a good half-an-hour before you go for that glass of water, especially if you have had rice or rice items. Lastly, watch your diet, as nothing works better than a healthy diet for that healthy looking abs.