Get Beautiful By Natural Skin Care

Most of us understand the importance of good nutrition for overall health. But only a few of us are aware of the fact that nutrition is equally significant for natural skin care. Damages produced by the sun are responsible for the visible signs of aging.

There are nutrients that are called ‘antioxidants’ that provide protection against sun damage. These antioxidants can be taken with foods or supplements or put directly on the skin.According to various scientific studies, it has been proved that there are certain nutrients that are advantageous for the health and appearance of our skin.

Our body produces new skin cells and collagen fibers with the help of vitamin C and certain amino acids. Eating too many carbohydrates has been associated to causing ill effects on the skin. And it is a well-known fact that including more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet is beneficial for the skin as they replenish the skin with vitamins A, E and other antioxidants.

The anti-wrinkle creams available in the US today contain synthetic versions of vitamin A that cause irritation, redness and itching on the skin. Numerous studies have concluded that the natural carotenoids found in plant extracts are more advantageous for skin, that too without any negative side effects.

Vitamin E creams meant for reducing wrinkles and age spots are also available in the market. But these creams also contain synthetic molecules that are derived from petrochemicals. They are known to have their own ill effects. So, to give a young look to your skin, use Vitamin E creams that have natural ingredients in them.

There is a coenzyme called Q10 (an antioxidant) present in almost all the cells of our body. As we get older, its concentration depletes. Creams containing the Q10 coenzyme are now known to reduce wrinkles and reverse sun damage. For a better skin care, you should look for a cream that contains an emulsion of natural vitamin E and Q10 coenzyme.

Application of creams and lotions to the skin is not risk-free as they may contain allergens and irritants causing damage to collagen fibers of the skin.Natural skin care with antioxidants should involve the use of creams that are free of toxins, allergens and irritants. It is better to be safe than to be regretful.