Get Rid Of Acidity


Acidity can be a very embarrassing and painful problem. It is certainly a sign of internal digestive problem and needs proper treatment. But do not get tempted to pop that pill again. It would only suppress the symptoms and would not cure the problem.

However, for immediate relief take some honey and add to a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this every one or two hour. You should also take some clarified butter and add a pinch of black pepper and some ginger powder to it. Take this mixture three times in a day.

Avoid all kinds of sour and spicy food items. Eat light meals regularly (every 4-5 hours). If possible take a mono diet of khichri while you are suffering from this problem. You can easily get the recipe for preparing khichri at any good website devoted to Ayurveda. Make sure that you use the least amount of heating spices for preparing it.

You should also eliminate tea, coffee and soda completely from your diet. Instead make it a habit to sip warm cups of herbal tea. You can also take two teaspoons of liquorice powder and add to a glass of warm water. Drink it on an empty stomach every day.

Besides, you can chew fennel after every meal. It would help with digestion and would also have a cooling effect on your digestive system.Most importantly, avoid the habit of over-eating, emotional eating and eating out of boredom. Eat only when you are hungry and after the food from the last meal has been digested completely. Also do not drink water immediately before or after the meal. Moreover, you should stop before your stomach becomes full.

Try to take three meals every day with proper gaps of atleast 4-5 hours. Do not eat anything other than fruits, nuts and juices in between meals. This ensures that the food get digested without hindrance.

In case your acidity is very severe, you can massage the abdomen with warm sesame oil. Do the massage in firm circular strokes. You can also take some fenugreek powder with warm water for quick relief.