Get Rid Of Tummy Fat


Millions of people have lost their beauty due to their excess tummy fat. Tummy fat not only spoils your beauty and personality but also causes several serious diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to get rid of tummy fat. You can get rid of tummy fats by following the tips given below.Water is very important to burn fats (any kind of fats). Therefore, you need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Water is not only very effective in burning fats but also removes toxins from your body.

Tummy FatEating healthy foods is also necessary. You should eat foods rich in fiber. Oatmeal, cabbage, wheat bran etc are very good sources of fiber. Fiber is very effective if you want to burn fat.Apart from eating healthy diet you should avoid foods which contain oil, sugar etc. If you continue eating oily foods or foods cooked in hydrogenated oil, you will obviously not lose your tummy fat.

Apart from drinking water and eating healthy diet, you need to exercise regularly. Normal exercise helps in reducing the overall fat of your body. But if you want to lose belly fat, you have to choose some special exercise meant for abdomen.Any type of exercise which exerts pressure on your abdomen is known as abdominal exercise and will benefit you significantly in reducing tummy fat.

Weight lifting is good exercise to reduce tummy fat but if you have any health problem, don’t do it. It is recommended to seek doctor’s advice before lifting weight. Another simple exercise is raising your legs up.

excerciseTo do this you need to lie down on your back. Lift your both legs upwards till they become perpendicular to your waist. This will exert a lot of pressure on your abdomen (which you can feel). Stay in that position for a few seconds, and then lower down your legs to their original position.This exercise not only reduces tummy fat and flattens your stomach but it also cures most of your abdominal disorders such as constipation etc.

While doing the above exercise raise and lower down your legs slowly. Keep in mind that your waist should bend; not your knees or spine. If you do this exercise regularly, you will surely get very good result. This exercise is also good for heart and prevents blood clotting.