Get Rid of Zits

Nearly all widespread skin eruptions on the face, chest and neckline can be called ‘Zits’. Usually we call them ‘pimples’, ‘blackheads’, ‘whiteheads’ and ‘acne’. These are skin inflammations found typically among the young public, and they fade out with time.

Since looks are important to people at a young age, quick cures for zits are much wanted. Ugly zits would result in humiliation and maybe even inferiority complex!Too much oil/ sebum on the skin blocks the skin pores and cuts off their air supply, giving way to protrusions. This is because of an oily diet, imbalance of hormonal levels, and usage of products which don’t match with the skin type or could just run in the family.

Don’t fall for those fake over-the-counter products to zap those zits away. Most pharmaceuticals make spurious promises not mentioning the side-effects caused by them. Home remedies, on the other hand, are trustworthy and cheap.One of the best ways to cure those zits is Orange Peel. Mix it with water and dab onto the zits. Lemon helps too in the same way. Garlic can be applied or eaten (a few cloves).Mix some coriander / mint juice and a hint of turmeric to form a paste which is effective against most types of zits. One can also use cucumber juice as a useful tonic.

A zit can affect your confidence and harm your skin. Something as simple as a paste of milk mixed with nutmeg can do wonders. Or leave a paste of honey and cinnamon powder overnight to restore your skin’s health. Also, washing your face with soaking wet cabbage leaves in water helps.

Nowadays papaya juice is commonly used. Mix rosewater and sandalwood to form a paste and apply it on the pimples. A similar paste can be formed using lime juice and drumstick husk.

Most of all, a good diet is very essential for a healthy skin. Zinc, Vitamin A and E are important as they have anti-oxidants which rejuvenate the skin. Routine things like exercising on a regular basis, having a balanced and nutritional diet with not much fat/oil, nuts and chocolate, and not stressing oneself are the definite solutions. Keep the skin clean and use skin products which compliment your skin type, so that your skin never gets damaged.