Gradual Weight Loss

Weight loss is a gradual process. There are many institutions touting speedy weight loss, but you should be careful before adopting any such plan. Firstly, it could be ineffective. Even if it is effective, you should consider the side effects. It could be only a temporary achievement. All the lost weight could be regained in only a few months. Also, the weight loss could happen but at the cost of your health.

So, when it comes to losing weight you should keep two points in mind. Firstly, you should lose weight in a healthy way promoting your overall fitness and physical condition. Secondly, the weight loss should be permanent. If you keep losing and gaining weight, it can affect your health adversely.

Weight loss is about calorie counting, you have to create the right balance between calorie consumption and calorie expenditure. You should be careful about the amount of calorie you plan to burn or restrict through your diet. If the calorie deficit created is too large, it will affect your overall well being. Let’s get a deeper understanding of some weight loss computations.

Body fat of about one pound in weight has 3500 calories. So, to lose one pound of fat you have to burn 3500 calories. The time required to burn 3500 calories would be the time taken to lose one pound of body weight. However, you can create only a limited amount of calorie deficit. If you consume less than your minimum requirement of calories, then your metabolism might slow down. This will only make you gain weight.

Ideally, it is not possible to create a calorie deficit of more than 500 calories on a daily basis. This means that you can lose one pound of weight in a week. You have to maintain this one pound weight loss goal on a weekly basis, which only means rigorous exercise and a strict diet.

If you are losing more than one pound in a week, then your weight loss plan is not very good for your health. With any weight loss plan, you might loose more than one pound every week, but only in the beginning. However, this happens only because you are also loosing water weight. In the long run however, you should make sure to not lose more than one pound of weight on a weekly basis.