Hatha Yoga For Back Pain Relief

For those people who suffer from back pain and looking for the best relief, Hatha yoga is the answer. The best relief for back pain can be got through Hatha yoga. This yoga helps in reducing back pain as well as in improving the spinal alignment.

Though yoga is not the only measure or the best measure for back pain, but it is a good additional therapy to chiropractic and orthopedic medicines.

Hatha yoga for back pain relief has been proved and it is one of the old methods of back pain prevention and overall health maintenance system. Hatha yoga is one of the main branches of the yoga tree.

There are totally nine branches; and each branch aims at reducing suffering of body, mind and spirit. Given below are three yogic points that help in preventing back problems:

The most basic is to aerate the spine on a daily basis. It is necessary to create a space between the vertebrae, which will allow the spine to break during the day. Ardha Uttanasana is of the Hatha yoga postures, standing half forward bend.

This is one of the simplest postures and that is the reason that it is overlooked many times. To aerate the spine, reach for a wall or pole or counter top and gently draw back. By compressing the spine daily, most people do not experience back pain sooner.

The corner stone of yogic philosophy is the moderation. It is not good to be lazy or over do anything. To lift anything from ground, think about leverage; avoid straining while lifting the object. Good posture will surely help in avoiding back pain and injury to spine while lifting objects. Do not lift heavy objects as it may cause permanent harm to the skeleton and the spine.

In Hatha yoga, the main point is to keep your back straight throughout the day as far as possible. Though it is a difficult task, it is good to practice this posture, as it will help in reducing back pain.

Slumping and slouching is not good for the spine as it will get damaged slowly in the long run. Your back should be straight when you sit, walk, run, eat and sleep. The best way to avoid back pain is to maintain a good posture.

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