HCG Weight Loss

Dr A T W Simeons, a British endocrinologist designed the HCG weight loss diet after a lot of research. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.

It is a hormone and is used for detecting pregnancy. The HCG levels in body rises during pregnancy and is secreted in urine.

HCG diet plans claim to be effective in losing weight, over long term. It consists of 3 phases – fat loading, very low calorie diet and maintenance phase. You have to eat high fatty food for the 1st two days and take HCG drops along with it. Then you have to remain on a very low calorie diet for 21-38 days i.e. only 500 cal/day. In the maintenance phase, 3000-4000 calories are released by HCG each day from fat stores of your body. In maintenance phase, more variety of food is added to the diet.

You should keep your weight within 2 pounds of the weight you had on the last day of HCG. Life phase follows the maintenance phase. You should eat normally in this phase. If you want to lose more weight, you should go on another round of HCG diet.

This is how the HCG weight loss works. But there is skeptism about the effectiveness of HCG diet. It had become a hit because of the top seller book “The weight loss cure ‘They’ don’t want to know about” by Kevin Trudeau. He claims it to be an absolute cure for obesity, discovered almost 50 yrs ago but was suppressed. According to Kevin, it has been hidden from the public, so that pharmacy companies could make billions selling their expensive drug treatments.

But there is not enough scientific clinical evidence to claim this. It does not bring about weight loss or decrease appetite or cause fat redistribution. There are many others required and recommended ‘dos and don’ts along with these HCG diet/injections. According to the various clinical trials, HCG is not effective for weight loss. Food and drug administration has not approved HCG injections as safe and effective for weight loss.

Weight loss and its maintenance always require significant lifestyle changes including diet and regular exercise. So if you are thinking that a few magical shots would decrease your weight without much effort you must think again.