Probiotics: Health Benefits And Key Tips Before Taking Probiotic Supplements

Benefits Of Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics are the friendliest micro-organisms of human beings that play a major role in maintaining good health. Probiotics are mainly bacteria but some of them are in the form of virus and yeast too. Recent studies have proved that probiotics play a huge role in improving the digestive system and increasing the overall immunity of the body.

Benefits Of Probiotic Supplements

Regular use of probiotics has a big role to play in maintaining excellent respiratory functions in the body. Not just this, science has proved that probiotics also cut the risk of occurrence of diseases like cancer and auto immune disorder. Thus probiotics keep us healthy in a number of ways and give us reasons enough to incorporate their usage in daily life; some of them are listed below.

Benefits Of Probiotics

Building Immunity

On consuming regularly the probiotic bacteria are beneficial for the gut and help increase the immunity. They stay in your body system and boost the immune responses. They also help in increasing the body’s capability to enhance the natural killer cells and increase the antibody production. This helps the body’s strength to fight against infection and build the resistance against diseases and illnesses.

Build Immune System

Help Weight Loss

Probiotics play a major role in busting abdominal fat, reducing the calorie intake and thus promoting weight loss. The friendly bacteria in probiotics help in fat absorption by the intestines thus promoting weight loss. Using probiotics as a supplement help the body get rid of all the bad visceral body fat thus reducing the belly fat and promoting the inch loss.

Weight Loss

Prevent Gastrointestinal Disorders

The biggest health advantage of consuming probiotics is that they keep your gastrointestinal tract absolutely healthy and fit and prevent any disorder related to indigestion or weak stomach. Probiotics help in the case of acute diarrhea, dehydration or diarrhea caused by the consumption of antibiotics too.

They also play a big role in control of irritable bowel syndrome and protecting the body from infected bowel disease. Probiotics also help in improving the constipation related disorders, thus keeping the digestive system fit and healthy. The lactobacillus bacteria in probiotics is efficient in fighting with other related disorders like typhoid, amoebic dysentery and cholera.

Prevent Gastrointestinal Disorders

Help Against Lactose Intolerance

Intake of probiotics is particularly helpful for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot digest milk and milk related products. Studies have reflected that consumption of a fixed dosage of probiotics has reduced the ongoing symptoms of lactose intolerance among the sufferers and thus making the milk products more digestible and increasing their tolerance.

Lactose Intolerance

Control Of Various Allergies

Since probiotics help in keeping the digestive system fit and regulate the immune system, they thereby assist in allergy management of the body, especially in children. A lot of studies proved that regular usage of probiotics in children reduce the cases of allergic eczema and rashes caused due to food allergies.


Protecting Against Respiratory Tract Infections

People with low immunity and poor response towards respiratory infections show a considerable improvement in preventing the frequent occurrence of these diseases. Apart from building immunity they also help in decreasing the duration of chest related infections and help build body’s ability to host a defense mechanism against these bacterial or viral infections.

Respiratory Tract Infections

How To Take Probiotics

Having said and read a lot about the potential benefits of probiotics, it is important to know about the various sources of probiotics and learn about the products and their consumption. Health specialists and dieticicans all over the world suggest taking probiotics through natural sources like fermented dairy products, curd, yogurt, buttermilk and other dairy products. Apart from these natural food products, you can also increase your regular intake of probiotics by taking dietary supplements such as probitoic drinks, powders and capsules too.

The Probiotic supplements are also quite beneficial and are well absorbed by the body because of their concentrated form and nature. The supplements are mainly prescribed when the body is suffering from some deficiency or disease and needs a concentrated form of probiotics as soon as possible. Apart from the sources of probiotics, another important aspect is the quantity you need to consume on a daily basis. Most of the expert health practitioners suggest an intake of 100 million cells of probiotic organisms per day. The dose may vary with requirement and should be taken on recommendation of a specialist.

Probitoic Drinks

When To Take Probiotics

Nutritionist and doctors suggest intake of probiotics regularly through natural sources as much as possible. One should try to consume probiotics as fresh as possible. However, probiotics are strongly recommended after a prolonged illness or sometimes prescribed along with a heavy dosage of antibiotics. Antibiotics sometimes play havoc with the gut and disturb the flora of abdomen.

Hence probiotics are recommended to restore and replenish the lost supply of these micro flora or plenty of such bacteria present in the abdomen, that aid digestion. Thus, probiotics are not a medicine to cure but rather taken as a supplement to reduce the risk of infections and maintain general health.

Take Probiotics

Tips Before Buying Probiotic Products

The health market is flooded with probiotic drinks, probiotic yogurt, powders, capsules and other supplements today. Nutritionists, dieticians and physicians are referring and recommending having probiotics to almost every one right from small kids to elderly people.

However, you really need to take care while shopping for these health products for yourself and family. A lot of fake products are flooding the shelves these days and might mislead you towards buying a wrong product. Consult a good nutrition specialist before buying any of these products.

Before loading your shopping cart blindly with probiotics you should check the product label first. The species or the biological name for this microorganism is Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota.The label should also mention the shelf life of the supplement you are taking. Also there should be a mention of number of viable cells and their efficacy.

Another important thing you should take care of before buying probiotics is the environment and the conditions in which they are stored. Probiotics in the form of dairy foods should always be stored in refrigeration to ensure that the bacteria strain is still viable and effective.

Tips To Buy Probiotic Products