Health Benefits Of Jogging And Running

Jogging and running is undoubtedly the best form of aerobics exercise if you aim to lose weight fast and burn more calories. Jogging is the slower form of running and is convenient, affordable and produces numerous physiological as well as psychological benefits. Besides, you can run anywhere, anytime, even when you travel or on a holiday.

Who can run:

Anyone who is physically fit can enjoy jogging or running. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or special location to begin with. You can bang start running on any safe location wearing a good pair of sports shoes.

How to start:

Running is an intense aerobic exercise. So before starting get yourself checked and approved by a physician. Next step is to get a good pair of running shoes for you to prevent foot injuries and pain.

A warm up before running is more than mandatory. Set realistic goals for yourself before starting a running program. Don’t aim for a higher target. Start with a 15-20 minutes jog in the first week and increase gradually week per week.

Where to run:

Make sure not to run on stony or bumpy surfaces. Look out for smooth tracks and surfaces. Avoid running on a wet or slippery roads. Choose low traffic areas to ensure safety. If you are running in the night time make sure you wear bright colored and reflective clothes and shoes with blinkers so that you remain visible on a dark night too.

After you finish:

Make the cool down part compulsory after you finish the running. Slow down the speed just before you finish. You might suffer from sore and painful feet in the beginning week but a warm and soothing bath after running can take care of that.

Benefits of running and jogging:

There are uncountable benefits of running and jogging. To begin with, it increases strength in the legs and improves your overall stamina. Running is an excellent calorie burning activity and increases the metabolic rate of body.

It burns fat not only while you are running but even several hours after you have stopped. Running also improves the functioning of cardio vascular and respiratory system. A regular jog helps you get rid of stress by releasing the feel good hormones called ‘endorphins’.

Thus, a good run or an intense jog five times a week can really take you a long way towards good health, if you make it a life time habit.