Health Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are basically poly unsaturated fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids. Human body cannot produce omega 3 but you have to get them by eating foods which are rich in omega 3 such as fish, other seafood, nut oils etc. Fish oil is one of the best ways to increase your omega 3 levels.

Omega 3 plays a very important role in normal functioning of the brain. It also reduces the risk of many heart diseases, cancer and arthritis.Symptoms of omega 3 deficiency are poor memory, fatigue, dry and scaly skin, heart problems, depression etc.

There are many benefits of omega 3. Some of them are:

– People who get high amounts of omega 3 tend to have higher HDL (good cholesterol) level which promotes healthy heart.
– Many studies have proved that diet rich in omega 3 helps in lowering high blood pressure levels in people with untreated hypertension.
– You can prevent heart diseases by eating foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil lowers the fats in blood and thus lowers the risk of heart diseases. It also slows the developments of blood clots which can block arteries.
– Eating foods rich in omega 3 can also help people with diabetes. But don’t consume fish oil without consulting your physician.
– Omega 3 fish oil is very good for a child, it is essential for mental and emotional development.

Omega 3 has innumerable of health benefits but don’t increase the consumption of omega 3 beyond a limit as over dosage may also prove harmful. Approximately a minimum of 2 % of total calorie intake should consist of omega 3. If you are pregnant or have any other health issues, consult your doctor before taking fish oil as it may have some side effects.But for an average healthy person, it is safe.

Other side effects of consuming fish oil are:

-Increase in burping. Eat slowly to avoid excessive burping.
-Awful taste and odor. You can take fish capsules.
-Increase in mercury levels in oceans can result in deposition of mercury by consuming fish. You can eat molecularly distilled fish to avoid this.

Side effects are very minor and can be easily avoided.