Healthy Breakfast Foods For You


We are all aware about theimportance of breakfast in our daily diet. And cereals are one of the significant and healthy breakfast foods  available. There are a variety of cereals available, so there is something for everyone. The type of cereals that you choose for your breakfast can make a big difference in providing you nutrition and giving your day a good start.

Breakfast Foods

Do you remember the days when you were young and used to eat porridge before moving out to play in the snow? Cereals like oatmeal are really a very good breakfast option and are available in fine wholesome unsweetened versions and more sugary processed ones as well. If you like the healthier unsweetened brand for your children, you can make it more nutritious by adding fruits and honey.

Whole grain cereals are another healthy option that you can find in the market, with Cheerios and Shredded wheat brands as most common. These type of cereals contain very little or no sugar at all. Findings by researchers conclude that oat-based whole grain cereals are helpful in lowering the cholesterol and may be responsible for an improved health of your heart. Other kinds of whole grains such as whole wheat fill you up in the morning and also control the sugar levels in your brain.

whole grain

Bran flakes are another type of cereals that are excellent as breakfast foods. They contain good amount of fiber that make you feel full and also improve your digestion and bowel regularity. Sugary processed cereals are available in attractive packages in the supermarket to lure children. Not only these contain lots of sugar, but also have additional preservatives. Giving too much sugar to children may affect their mood. These should be served as an occasional treat, and not on a daily basis.

Bran flakes

Organic cereals are becoming more popular these days. They are produced in a similar manner like most cereals, but are free of pesticides and fertilizers. Most cereals offered in the supermarket have natural sweeteners and are not over processed. They also contain good amount of whole grains. Next time you buy any type of cereal, remember to check the ingredients on the packet. It will help you to identify whether it is suitable as a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Organic cereals