Healthy Diet For Children


Children are usually finicky eaters. You might worry that your child is missing vital nutrients due to his/her improper eating habits.

However, you can easily plan a healthy yet delectable diet for your child with minimal hassles.

Diet for children


It is quite easy to add proteins in your child’s diet. Children usually love eggs, meat, seafood and fish, the best sources of proteins. To make your kid’s meals more interesting, you can give your child different egg dishes each day. Besides the usual boiled or poached eggs, you can give the kid omelet, scrambled egg, French toast or pancake.

To accustom your child to a healthy eating habit, limit the amount of red meat in your child’s diet. Instead, encourage your child to eat fish. Fatty fish are especially beneficial for your child’s health. Omega-3 fats in fish oil are essential for the healthy development of your child’s brain.

Add plenty of plant proteins in your child’s diet. Nuts, beans, legumes and vegetables are rich sources of healthy protein and other vital nutrients. The finicky eaters might love to savor cereals combined with nuts, dried fruits or fresh fruits.


Your child needs plenty of calcium. Toddlers between one and three years of age need at least 500 mg of calcium each day. Older kids should consume 800 to 1300 mg of calcium daily. Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium.

Moreover, dairy calcium could combat childhood obesity. Toddlers require about two glasses of milk each day, whereas three to four glasses of milk could meet the minimum calcium requirement of older children.

If your child is not getting enough sun exposure, include vitamin D fortified milk in the child’s diet. If you child dislikes milk, give your child low fat yogurt, low fat chocolate milk, cheese or smoothies made by combining milk and fresh fruits.

Vegetables and fruits

Feeding kids vegetables is often a challenging task. Low vegetable intake is often associated with constipation in children. To increase the fiber content in your child’s diet, give your child slices of whole fruits, instead of fruit juices. Cook palatable dishes by combining vegetables with eggs, chicken or lean meat.


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