Healthy Midnight Snacks


When you work late at night, you may experience hunger pangs and reach out to fridge for some snacks or you may crave for midnight snack due to unsatisfied appetite during the day or perhaps you may simply want to indulge in tasty snacks in the middle of the night .

Whatever may be the reason, you may plainly want to eat something at the blissful sleeping hour. When you binge on midnight snacks, it is loading your body with unwanted calories.

You may probably have a healthy eating habit, but your binge eating can be a disturbing factor in your weight loss program. The best way to tackle craving for midnight snacks is to have a balanced diet with regular small meals throughout the day.

This will energize your body to be active as it is fuelled with sufficient calories. It will also stabilize the blood sugar levels.Some of them crave to have unhealthy foods as it offers better taste than the healthy ones. This is really bad for the body. If you are awake to complete a project or some work, nourish yourself with healthy snacks.

You have to eat something light to pep up your energy. A bowl of fresh fruits can provide you with a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. You can also savor a light nourishing cup of low fat yogurt. It is filling and also enriched with proteins and other essential nutrients.

Another great way to appease your tummy is with a bowl of cereal and skimmed milk.Some of you may be having trouble to fall asleep, you may develop binge eating habit.

To alleviate the problems of insomnia reach out to unsalted almonds which is rich in magnesium and B – Vitamins and these nutrients can boost the serotonin levels, moreover it is a nutrient dense protein source. A handful of almonds can relax you, without adding to your weight but rather help you to lose weight.

You can also munch popcorns which is light in butter. Hot beverage is also a good option, but it may deter sleep, if you wish to keep awake without being hungry tea can help you.

If you indulge in night eating habit, better to keep a track of what you are eating with a food dairy. Keep healthy snacks ready before you start your work .Avoid eating junk foods or you may gain weight.


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