Helpful Yoga Postures During Pregnancy

Best Yoga Postures During Pregnancy

Expecting mothers are always worried about how their gestation period will go how much pain they will have to bear during pregnancy and what will happen post parturition. All these worries can be put aside and feel relaxed as yoga is the ultimate answer to all the worries.

Best Yoga Postures During Pregnancy

It is the most soothing form of exercise which is not only beneficial for the expecting mothers but also has a very positive effect on the unborn child in the womb. The mantras we chant during yoga i.e. OM does wonders to the unborn child and it also feels relaxed in the womb, moreover chanting of OM has been scientifically proven is the best de-stresser in the world.

The “Cobbler Pose” is a very good stretch which helps in opening up and loosening the pelvic area in pregnant mothers. In order to practice this pose or before doing any yoga posture do remember that you should be empty stomach or have had food 2 hours back and drink ample amount of water.

To do the cobbler pose sit back with the support of wall with the legs flat on the floor. Bring both your feet inwards till they start touching each other. Bending your knees hold this position and using your hands gently push your knees towards the floor using light movements.

Cobbler Pose

Do not exert pressure and if you feel pain or discomfort stop immediately. Stay in this posture for 5-10 minutes every day and it will definitely help. Yoga has very good Breathing exercises like “Anulom – Vilom”, practising this breathing exercise helps in increasing the oxygen content to the baby and it helps in making the baby healthy.

Breathing exercise

With the growing pregnancy it might get difficult to do the asanas as the belly grows . To relieve stress and groin infection “Baddha Konasana” or bound angle is recommended as it helps in opening the groin and hip.

Baddha Konasana

The “Ardha Chandrasana” or the half moon pose is also a good asana which helps expecting mother’s in making their body flexible and agile. The “Ardha Titli “ or half butterfly pose is very helpful in loosening the knee and the hip joint and its beneficial in hastening the delivery process. The pigeon, the warrior and the Triangle pose are also very helpful during the pregnancy.

But all these postures should be practised under yoga expert’s supervision. Thus yoga really does help you during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy also. Moreover it increases your chances of normal delivery too. So just practice yoga to be fit and fine during and after pregnancy.

Ardha Chandrasana