High Protein Diet For Pregnancy


It is extremely important to consume a healthy diet during pregnancy when the growth and development of your baby totally depends on what you are eating every single day.An expecting mother should have a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats and minerals.

Among these food groups, protein is extremely essential to support the growth of the fetus as well as provides strength and stamina to the mother’s body.

According to health experts and medical journals the daily requirement of protein for a pregnant woman is close to 70 grams per day. Rich intake of protein is especially important during the last trimester when the fetal growth is maximum.

The required protein can be gathered from various sources that can be had with each meal and also in between the meals to meet the requirement of protein in the body. Here are a few excellent diet tips to include a high protein diet in your daily intake if you are expecting a baby sometime soon.

Have A Protein Rich Breakfast:

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you should try to include the maximum protein requirements in that meal. Some very good protein sources to be taken with breakfast are egg whites, cottage cheese, plain cheese, sprouted salads, whole grain cereals or chicken sandwich if you are a meat eater. Also, make sure to have at least one or two dairy product to meet the daily requirement of protein as well as calcium.

Meal Between Meals:

You can include protein as a snack to be taken between the meals. It keeps you full and saves you from hunger pangs. Some good options are fruits, protein shakes, health bars, peanuts, dry fruits like walnuts and almonds. They are excellent source of proteins and provide good nutrition without making you feel heavy and bloated.

Soya milk is also a very good source of protein and can be had any time of the day to boost up the daily protein intake. Apart from this including rich sources of protein in your main meals that is lunches and dinners.

Some excellent sources of protein to be had as food are lentils, dals, sprouts, chicken, fish and eggs. However, fish and eggs should be eaten with great care as they are the causes of allergies and sometimes food poisoning in pregnancies. Cottage cheese and tofu are a safe and rich source of protein to be taken with the meals.

Dangers Of Inadequate Protein In Pregnancy:

Less intake of protein during pregnancy may pose a potential risk to the mother as well as the baby. It may cause serious developmental hazards and result in fetal growth retardation in extreme case.

It may hence result in a very low birth weight of the baby and problem in brain development of the fetus. Protein deficiency also hinders the lactation after the delivery which may be a problem for the nutrition as well as the proper weight gain of the new born.

Protein deficiency during pregnancy may also result in weight loss,constant fatigue, frequently occurring infections, low immunity and bloated body because of fluid retention.

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