Homemade Face Masks

Face masks are a great way of rejuvenating and cleansing the skin. Choosing the right face mask helps in hydrating, replenishing and lightening of the skin tone. It opens up the clogged pores and removes the dirt and grime from it with ease.

The ingredients in the face masks control problems like dry skin, acne and blackheads. While there are a number of commercial face masks out there, these products usually use harmful chemicals and other ingredients that can damage the sensitive facial skin.

An alternative to the commercial variants, homemade face masks are one of the best ways of ensuring that your face gets the gentle care of natural ingredients.

Not only are these facial masks cheaper but also quite easy to prepare. Moreover based on your skin type that is whether it is dry, oily or combination skin, you can select the appropriate ingredients. For example clay is a great ingredient for oily skin but can cause dryness for normal skin.

If you have dry skin then it would be prone to chapping, peeling and roughness. Moisturization and hydration of the skin is essential if you want it to retain its smooth and baby soft texture. Some great ingredients for dry skin face packs are honey, olive oil, avocado, yogurt, almond and milk.

For a honey and avocado dry skin pack, mix teaspoons of honey with avocado that has been fleshed out. Apply on the face and leave on for some time. Rinse of with cold water and then splash some cold milk on the face.

You can also use almond paste along with avocado and olive oil to make a homemade face mask for dry skin. Applying egg yolk is also a great a rejuvenating and replenishing dry skin. Break open and egg and separate the yolk part. Apply all over the face and leave on for thirty minutes. Rinse off with cold water to get smooth beautiful skin.

If you have oily skin, then you need to include ingredients in the facial mask that absorb the excess oil while also helping the skin retain its natural moisture. Mix one cup of oatmeal with half a cup of honey and apply on face. Leave on this face pack for fifteen minutes before washing off with cold water.

If you have acne and blackheads then mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with egg whites and apply on the face. Wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes to clear the stubborn acne and the ugly blackheads.