Hormone Supplements

Hormones are vital substance present in our blood. They play fundamental roles in regulating the digestive system, sugar level, cholesterol levels, growth, menstrual periods, sex drive and many more functions of your body. There are different types of hormones in our body. Some hormones in male and female are the same while some are different.

When hormones in your body get imbalanced, you suffer from various health problems. To balance the hormones in your body you are occasionally suggested to take hormone supplements. Described below are some hormone supplements, which are also known as the anti-aging hormone supplements.

DHEA is known as an anti-aging hormone supplement. This hormone is produced by your body and as you grow, DHEA hormone decreases gradually. Some experts recommend DHEA supplements to prevent anti aging effects on your body. Supplement of DHEA also increases the mass of your muscle and since it burns fat, it is also considered good for weight loss.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is also considered to be very effective in curing the effects of aging. Though, it is a human growth hormone, it has anti aging effect on your body. Some experts claim that it has the power to diminish the effects of aging and it can make you look years younger.

Melatonin hormone is responsible for regulating your sleep and its supplements are useful in curing sleep disorders, which eventually affects your aging process. Due to lack of sleep you look years older than your age and your skin looks dull and dry. Also wrinkles are formed around your eyes due to inadequate sleep.

The hormone estrogen plays a vital role in various functions of women. When this hormone gets imbalanced in your body, you can suffer from menstrual disorder, pregnancy problems and menopause complications. When estrogen decreases after your menopause, you are likely to develop osteoporosis.

Estrogen replacement therapy and estrogen supplements have reduced the signs of menopause to great extent in many women. Yet you should consult your doctor to know more about the risks and benefits of estrogen hormone supplements before taking them.

When men grow old, the level of their testosterone hormone decreases. If young people suffer from low levels of testosterone levels then testosterone supplements can work but in case of old age it may not work much.