Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

Do you find yourself pushing off blankets or making the room cooler at nights during pregnancy? You may be wondering why you alone feel so hot while others do not seem to feel the heat at all. This may be due to hot flashes which is quite common during pregnancy.

You may be surprised to know that almost 60% women experience unusual warmth at nights. Sometimes it may be so severe that your blankets may be soaked…but consider yourself normal you are not alone. It is important to understand that estrogen levels fluctuate during pregnancy. This fluctuation results in unusual warmth or hot flashes.

During pregnancy, sometimes you really begin to wonder what’s happening. The changes are enormous and one or two hot flashes can go unnoticed. But what if it becomes really severe? You may need to seek treatment and one should be aware that hot flashes during pregnancy and menopause should be treated differently.

Since any treatment during pregnancy should be handled carefully, herbal treatment may interact with other medications and cause problems. At the same time hormone therapy is also something you would never want to experiment. The best way is to try and handle hot flashes wisely. A good idea would be to wear layers so you can slip off one if you feel too warm.

Whenever you feel too warm switch or the fan or reduce the thermostat temperature, you can change it once you feel better. It is good to carry water or some fresh juice with you always. This will keep you hydrated and help you fight these hot flashes.

Do you feel frustrated when you have hot flashes or is it unbearable sometimes? Cheer up, you are bringing a little life into the world…you will have to pay some price for it. Once your angel arrives, your joy would be priceless. You may visit a support group or a local chat room and you will be able to relate with people experiencing the same symptoms. It is always nice to discuss with others and find solutions for problems together. Just think you have a lot of people with you and you will come through successfully.