How Exercise Fights Cancer

We’ve known for a long time that regular exercise helps us to remain healthy. It prevents us from becoming overweight and reduces our risk for several ailments. But very few people know that there exists a relation between the life-threatening cancer and exercise. Researches reveal that exercise can help us to fight cancer. Let us see how exercise fights cancer.

Physical activities including exercise have impact on almost each and every body parts. We are aware that ‘prevention is better than cure’. It means that it is always better to prevent the onset of any disease rather than to find its treatment and cure.

Obesity significantly increases the risk of cancer. And regular exercise helps to prevent obesity thus it helps to lower the chances of developing cancer. It is now being discovered that exercise plays an important role in preventing cancer.

When you exercise your body moves too. Your bowel movement reduces your risk of developing colon cancer. While exercising, the waste products in your intestines move more quickly and hence reduce the time for which your intestinal walls get exposed to the carcinogens. Slow movement and prolonged contact to bile acids in the digestive tract is supposed to be encouraging to cancer. Exercise speeds up the movement of food and decreases the secretion of bile and thus lowers the risk of colon cancer.

Many explanations have been offered by the scientists for the effect of physical activities on the risk of cancer. Exercise is supposed to boost the body’s antioxidant defense systems. It also makes other immune defenses stronger. Exercise helps you in preventing as well as fighting against cancer.

If you are already suffering from cancer and have undergone chemotherapy, exercise can still help you in the recovery process. Your immune system gets damaged by chemotherapy. But when you start exercising regularly it helps to restore your immune system. While you fight against the deadly cancer, regular exercise helps to repair the infection- fighting T-cells in your body.

Women who have high levels of insulin are somewhat at a higher risk of breast cancer. Also higher rate of recurrence and death from cancer are observed in these women. But exercise lowers the levels of insulin in blood and fights cancer. Regular exercise decreases the risk of secondary cancers in future and slows the progression of some cancers. It also speeds up recovery after treatment.