How To Avoid Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

If you are planning to conceive you should be prepared for the weight gain during pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is unavoidable. And it is beneficial to gain weight to support the healthy growth of your baby.

To prevent weight gain completely is beyond your control but you can certainly avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Given below are some guidelines on how to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women get the notion that they have to eat for two persons i.e. for their own self and the baby. If you too have the same false belief then no one can prevent you from gaining excessive weight.

If you are a healthy woman then you will need to consume extra 500 calories each day. So eat a nutritious as well as a balanced diet. Say goodbye to the junk foods and sugary drinks. They will not add any good thing to your nutrition but they are sure to add significant pounds to your existing weight. Unhealthy eating habits can result in a myriad of problems such as water retention, diabetes, back pain, headaches, etc.

Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Craving during pregnancy is common but you should not give in to every single craving. Heartburn and acid reflux problems are also very common during pregnancy. To avoid them you should take small meals 5-6 times a day. This will also prevent you from gaining excessive weight. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, protein rich foods and whole grains. Ripe fruits will satiate your craving for desserts and keep you in cheerful mood.

The best thing you can do to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy is to keep moving. Follow a regular routine of brisk walk everyday. This will help you in several ways. Indulge yourself in physical activities that are most suited for pregnant women. This will check your excessive weight and will also burn your unwanted fats.

You can also do safe exercises and yoga during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain. Practice cardio exercises as they are good for your heart and also help in burning calories. And please do not compare yourself with other pregnant women. All women do not gain the same amount of weight during pregnancy.

Avoid stress as they can also be the culprits behind unnecessary weight gain. Be cheerful and enjoy your pregnancy!