How To Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fatigue During PregnancyIt is quite natural for a pregnant woman to complain about the problem of fatigue or tiredness.This common side effect that accompanies pregnancy, is considered to be brought about by the increased hormone levels and metabolic activities in the body.

Even though there are no methods that guarantee you complete relief from fatigue, you can very well boost your energy levels by following certain tried and tested remedies. Given below are certain methods, which will enable you to deal with the problem of pregnancy fatigue in an efficient manner.

Tips To Avoid Fatigue During Pregnancy

Eat Wisely

It is found that there is a direct relationship between our energy levels and food intake. By eating healthy, we will be able to ward off the problem of fatigue to a great extent.

It is of course necessary for a pregnant woman to have nutrient rich foods. Having an extra intake of around 400 calories a day will help in the proper growth of the baby and will also help you to fight fatigue efficiently.

Instead of having 3 huge meals, you can very well change your meal plan and have 6 small meals a day. Following this meal plan will not only help with your digestion, but will also ensure that you do not become extra full and tired after the meal.

However, do avoid an extra intake of caffeine, as it will make you feel heavy and ultimately tired at the end of the day. Also, stay away from junk foods, as they tend to cause fatigue.

Monitor Your Iron Levels

Deficiency of iron during pregnancy can cause the expectant mother to become extremely tired and fatigued. Hence, it is quite important that your monitor your iron levels during pregnancy.

In order to prevent iron deficiency, you should have plenty of leafy green vegetables. In addition, you should take care to have your prenatal iron supplements in a timely manner, and in dosages as prescribed by the doctor.

Exercise Moderately

To tackle the problem of pregnancy fatigue,it is advised that you involve in moderate exercises. Walking daily for half an hour will definitely help in boosting your energy levels. You can also involve in activities like prenatal yoga and aerobics, so as to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Get Adequate Rest

It is essential for a pregnant woman to take adequate rest whenever she feels tired. Lack of sleep is considered to be an important factor that leads to the development of fatigue in pregnant women.

If you feel that you are at the end of your energy levels, then do lie down and take a nap. If your growing tummy is preventing you from getting the required amount of sleep, then do change your sleeping position as and when required.

Instead of lying on your back, you can try lying on your left side. Also, you can provide adequate support to your tummy and back by the suitable use of pillows, and thus have a good night’s sleep and ward off the symptoms of fatigue.

Also, see to it that you do not overstress or overexert yourself. If you are a working woman, then divide your time wisely between your home and work, so that at the end of the day you don’t wind up being over fatigued.