How To Benefit From Vascular Laser Treatment


Vascular Laser TreatmentEvery woman wants her skin to be crystal clear and absolutely blemish free. However, this isn’t always possible. Time and age bring about considerable changes in the texture and quality of the skin.

Many show spider veins, stretch marks, acne scars and even accident scars on their skin.It is not always easy to get rid of these blemishes. The result is social isolation and depression in most cases.

Today, vascular laser treatment is seen as a blessing by many because of the way it has changed their lives. The technology used in this treatment has made it possible to get rid of skin blemishes easily.

Vascular laser treatment can help correct the skin on any part of the body. The technology uses powerful light to destroy the blood vessels of the affected areas only; no harm is done to the surrounding blood vessels.

How Safe Is the Treatment?

Vascular laser treatment is highly effective and completely safe.Its safety standards are so high that it is used for correcting various skin disorders in infants and toddlers. Some babies are born with port wine stain birthmarks that gradually increase in size with time.

It is recommended that these birthmarks be corrected when the baby is a few weeks old. Birth marks become difficult to treat with passage of time. The treatment has high success rate in treating spider veins.The laser therapy is applied to break that one blood vessel which is mainly responsible for the formation of spider veins.

The laser technology has an edge over other cosmetic technologies because it targets the spoiled blood vessels only. For this reason, blemishes caused by acne can be removed in one or two sittings only. However, accident marks, birthmarks and spider veins do require regular sittings to clean the skin completely.

How To Prepare The Skin For Treatment?

Do not get the treatment done on tanned skin. Start avoiding the sun a month before your treatment schedule begins. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and long sleeved clothes to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Tanning increases the production of melanin in our bodies. Melanin lies close to the surface of the skin and can obstruct the laser light from reaching the blood vessels.

Vascular Laser Treatment

How to Take Care Of Skin After The Treatment?

Vascular laser treatment will give you slightly discolored skin on the areas that have been treated. However, do not worry. The discoloration will disappear within a few days.The redness of the skin can be dealt with by applying ice packs and using cold water for washing the skin. Your doctor will also give you topical gels and creams for application on the treated skin.

In the meantime, take care not to scrub the area and do not use any sort of moisturizer or makeup on the treated skin. Avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. Always use a sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat if you must step out.

Do not use hot water and strong soaps for washing the treated skin.Strong chemicals present in soaps, face washes, body washes and moisturizers can cause harm to the recently treated skin because it is still very sensitive. These precautions should be followed for at least ten days after the treatment.