How To Care For Dry Hands – Inexpensive Tips For Smoother Skin

Many of us suffer from dry hands that often crack near the fingertips, peel near the nails and look wrinkled and old. First, you need to identify the causes. The biggest culprits are water and detergents.

They rob the skin of natural oils and cause it to dry out quickly. Heat and air conditioning can also dry our hands. Most women suffer from this problem since they constantly need to wash their hands or engage in some activity that uses water and soap.

Keeping your hands smooth and soft is not that difficult and it can be done in simple and inexpensive ways. Here are some tips to help you achieve smoother skin on your hands.

Use A Good Moisturizer

We normally use a separate moisturizer for our face and one for the rest of the body. However, unless you have incredibly dry and scaly skin, you will probably be using a body lotion. This is may not be enough to care for extremely dry hands. Use thick, cold cream or any hand lotion that is rich in mineral oil. After washing, do not dry out your hands completely. Apply moisturizer on damp hands to trap the moisture.

Use A Mild Hand Wash

Washing your hands is unavoidable but you can change the type of soap you wash with. Switch to a mild liquid soap or one that moisturizes. Wash your hands with slightly warm water and avoid using too much soap since more soap does not mean cleaner hands.

Scrub With A Pumice Stone

If you happen to have a pumice stone handy, use it on the inside of your hands to get rid of dry skin. Rinse and moisturize immediately. In time, the skin will smoothen out and look and feel less coarse. You can do this once or twice a week.

Use Vaseline At Night

Apply a thick coat of Vaseline to your hands every night and cover them with a pair of gloves or cotton socks. In doing so, you give your hands time to heal and rejuvenate. You can substitute Vaseline with any thick cold cream that is rich in mineral or essential oils.

Wear Gloves While Handling Detergents

Many household detergents and cleaning agents are loaded with harsh chemicals. As far as possible, put on a pair of kitchen gloves to do jobs involving the use of detergents and harsh soaps.