How To Clear Up Your Face

Our face is the most important part of our body. It is that part of our body from which we are recognized in this world and from which we recognize ourselves. It also determines our attractiveness upto a large extent.

But very often the skin on our face becomes susceptible to problems like eruptions, blemishes, pigmentation etc. If you too are suffering from any skin condition that is casting a spell on your beauty, it is time you considered clearing up your face to reveal its real beauty.

It is important to cleanse the skin properly and to keep it clean at all times. But do not go in for commercially prepared chemical concoctions available on supermarket shelves. They may be effective upto a certain extent. But nevertheless, they contain a wide variety of chemicals that cause various adverse reactions on the skin.

Prepare your own skin cleanser by taking two tablespoons of gram flour, one teaspoon of oatmeal powder, dried rose petal powder, orange peel powder and a pinch of turmeric. Mix all of them with milk in case you have dry skin or with rose water for oily skin. You can also add a few drops of peppermint and sandalwood essential oils to it. This cleanser would serve as an excellent anti-septic; taking care of acne and pimples.

The orange peel would lighten skin clearing blemishes and pigmentation. Besides, sandalwood and peppermint essential oils would soothe and calm any irritation on the skin. Use this cleanser every time you have to wash your face and in about two weeks you would see significant improvement in the overall appearance of your skin.

You can prepare a clarifying face mask by taking some kaolin clay, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder. Mix all of them in tomato juice. Also, add a few drops of lime juice and lavender essential oil to it. Apply it evenly on your face and keep for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water first and then with ice cold water. This face mask would help fight acne and eruptions while also imparting skin lightening and tightening benefits.