How to Deal with Anemia during Pregnancy

It is not uncommon for a carrying women to be anemic. In laymen’s term being anemic means lack of blood in the human body. Authentically and scientifically it means a decrease in the number of red blood cells. Most of the pregnant women find themselves anemic.

One of the major reasons is a lack of proper nutritional diet. The hormonal change in a carrying women requires extra use of nutritional diet. Therefore the to be mother becomes very deficient in proving iron contents to the embryo which is very essential in providing oxygen to every tissue of the human organism.

Secondly women are subject to a lot of physical activities and the most challenging task for a woman is to manage the personal & professional chores. This brings unrest and tiredness in the body and if not supported with a proper space of rest and diet can lead to being anemic.

Thirdly if a carrying women is alcoholic she can be subject to anemia. It is very important for such a woman to control her intake of alcohol. Most of the pregnant women look pale, feel extremely tired, have no intention to take in food, go out of breath, experience chest pain, fall asleep, feel giddy and so on.

As these are common in a pregnant woman, things cannot be taken lighter because anemia also has drastic effects on the other hand. Improper medication and improper diet may lead to heart attacks, increased heart beat, and ultimately pose a threat to the life of a pregnant women.

It is therefore advised that pregnant women go in for multivitamin capsules and proper medication by a gynecologist. Natural remedies at home are always better and the best.

Intake of fruits like pomegranate, apple, and chikku and vegetables like drumstick, green leafy vegetables, bottle gourd, ladies finger, turnip, will increase the blood count and iron content in the human body.

Moreover a regular intake of milk added with health drinks can also abate anemia. Having said and done natural remedies are the best and once followed a pregnant woman having anemia can easily come out of this deficiency and give birth to a healthy baby.