How To Do Proper Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball


There can absolutely be no doubt about the fact that an exercise ball is the perfect fitness equipment to have at home/gymnasium. The immense popularity of the exercise ball holds a clear reflection about its effectiveness. Exercise ball crunches are extremely effective in shaping one’s abs.

Do Some Proper Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball

Doing Crunches

Ab crunches on an exercise ball can be practiced by kneeling over the ball. The palms should be rested on the floor and one should always keep rolling in a forward direction. The chin portion should be placed on the ball and the hands should be placed at a distance wider than the width of the shoulder.

Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball

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One needs to push slowly in a forward direction and find a suitable position from where it is possible to practice actual push-ups. The abs should be strongly pressed on the surface of the exercise ball so as to ensure best results.

Doing Crunches on Small Exercise Ball

It is always recommended to practice abs exercises on small exercise balls. There can be no doubt about the fact that small exercise balls are better suited to increase the effectiveness of Ab crunches.

A small exercise ball is preferred as it helps to increase the abdominal stretch. The small exercise balls do not provide unnecessarily support as the large exercise balls do. Performing a crunch is one of the simplest abdominal exercises that can necessarily be practiced.

Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball

In-order to perform the exercise one needs to simply lie on the ball. The ball should be placed at an appropriate position against the back. While practicing Ab crunches on an exercise ball it is strongly recommended to position the feet strongly on the ground.

It is necessary to position oneself in a stable condition. One needs to exhale while rising upwards and inhale while lowering the body. The above-mentioned type of physical movement should be repeated a minimum of 10-15 times.

Exercise Ball Exchange

Exercise ball exchange is another type of Ab crunches exercise that can be performed with the help of an exercise ball. One can use a yoga mat while practicing the Ab crunches.

The exercise ball should be placed between the ankles. One should try to raise the exercise ball above the portion of the torso and try to lift the ball again by raising the shoulders above the surface of the ground.

Exercise Ball

One should try to bring the ball close to the feet. It is necessary to exhale while moving up while practicing this exercise and inhale when releasing down. One needs to make sure that the legs and arms are kept at an extended position. The exchange of the exercise ball should be done above the portion of the torso. One should strive and keep the movement in a controlled manner.

Exercise balls are used by professional athletes as well as fitness freaks. It is possible to practice a number of physical workouts with the exercise ball. Performing Ab crunches on an exercise ball increases the strength of abdominal muscles. It is considered to be one of the top ten possible ways to flatten one’s abs.