How To Eliminate Age Spots Using Home Remedies


Age spots are the ugly spots on the skin which make a person look older than his or her age.  As the name implies, age spotsare normally considered to be aging signs. As a person grows older, it is very common for him or her to see aging signs like wrinkles and age spots on the skin.

Eliminate Age SpotsHowever, it is not necessary for a person to face the problem of age spots only during old age. These ugly spots may also occur during the young age. The major factor responsible for age spots is exposure of the skin to the sun.

The ultra violet rays produced by the sun have a harmful impact on the skin, which results in the formation of aging signs like wrinkles, age spots, cysts, and freckles.The age spots that occur as a result of sun exposure not only spoil the beauty of the skin, but may also be cancerous in nature.

Therefore, it is tremendously essential to eliminate age spots as soon as you notice them, so that they do not become cancerous. The section below discusses about some home remedies to get rid of age spots.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Age Spots

Apply Sunscreen On The Skin

Application of sunscreen with sun protection factor of at least 15 would be of colossal help in protecting the skin from the rays of the sun. It would not only help in preventing the formation of age spots on the skin, but would also aid in treating them effectually.

Apply Sunscreen On The Skin

Aloe Vera Juice To Get Rid of Age Spots

Rubbing aloe vera gel on the skin twice in a day for around a month is a natural way to treat age spots successfully. Aloe vera helps in healing the skin naturally.

Aloe Vera Juice To Get Rid of Age Spots

Onion Juice To Get Rid Of Age Spots

Onion juice acts a natural way to eliminate age spots from the skin. A mix of onion juice and apple cider vinegar, when applied on the affected area of the skin would help in providing proper treatment to the skin. It is recommended to practice this treatment regularly for around a month or two to get rid of age spots naturally.

Onion Juice To Get Rid of Age Spots

Lemon Juice To Eliminate Age Spots

Lemon juice works in an amazing manner to deal not only with age spots, but also with several other kinds of skin ailments. All the age spots on the skin would be eliminated within a month or two with the help of regular application of lemon juice.

However, it is recommended to allow the lemon juice to dry out completely before going out in the sun, as it might increase the sensitivity of the skin to sun.

Lemon Juice To Eliminate Age Spots

Castor Oil To Eliminate Age Spots

Rubbing castor oil on the age spots twice in a day is a very good natural way to eliminate age spots within a month’s time.

Castor Oil To Eliminate Age Spots

Vitamin E Oil To Eliminate Age Spots

Vitamin E oil is a natural healer for age spots. Age spots would be faded gradually with the aid of massaging the skin with this oil regularly.

Vitamin E Oil To Eliminate Age Spots

Drink Lot Of Fluids To Eliminate Age Spots

Drinking ample amount of water and fresh fruit juices would be of huge aid in removing age spots over a short period of time.

Drink Lot Of Fluids To Eliminate Age Spots

A Healthy Diet To Eliminate Age Spots

A healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and green vegetables would naturally help to get rid of age spots from the skin.

A Healthy Diet To Eliminate Age Spots