How To Get Fit Abs At Home Without Any Equipment


The abdomen is an important part of our body, and by virtue of its location, it plays a vital role by being a great source of strength for different bodily functions.  Strong abdominal muscles mean better posture as it lends stability to our body.

We all aspire to look just like those models on TV who confidently show off their washboard abs and chiseled bodies.  But, the great deal of discipline and dedication involved behind those good looks is something that we often miss out.

The fact is, a strong abdomen is important not only to enhance our looks; it also helps in the facilitation of several health benefits.  Thus, regardless of what your reason is to get fit abs; the bottom line is to follow a specific workout routine by applying the correct methods of exercising.

For those of you who do not have access to a gym or do not have the time to attend one, you can easily keep yourself in shape by exercising at home.  If you exercise at home, you must concentrate more on exercises that utilize your body weight as resistance, as they are an excellent way to maintain your fitness level.

Simply put, you need to be creative while exercising at home and follow the correct process too; otherwise you could end up hurting yourself!  So here are some easy to do exercises that can be practiced within the comforts of your home.

Leg Lifts

You can begin the process of building up your abdominal muscles by practicing leg lifts every day.  To start, lie down flat on your back on a firm surface.  Then slowly raise your left leg and hold it high in the air.

Remain in this position to the count of three and then gradually lower your leg.  Repeat the same with your right leg.  To finish off the set, lift both the legs up and stay in that position to the count of three.  After that, slowly lower both the legs.  Repeat this exercise at least ten times in a day.

Sit Ups

Another very effective way to keep your abs firm all the time is to do sit ups.  The simplicity of this exercise has increased its popularity over the years.  Here too, you will have to first lie down on your back on a firm surface.  Bend the knees and hold your feet down firmly. To make it easy, simply slide your feet under a heavy piece of furniture like a couch.

Entwine your fingers and place them under your head.  Now slowly lift the upper body and try to pull it as much as possible towards the knees.  Remain in this position to the count of five and then gradually lower your back to the original position.


This is a simple exercise and is somewhat like pedaling a bicycle.  First lie flat on a firm surface and place both your hands beside your head.  Bring your body to a crunch position and then bend your knees.

Remember the motion of your feet while pedaling a bicycle – you just have to imitate that while doing this exercise.  Continue, to the count of ten, and then relax.  Perform at least 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise.


Doing four sets of planks everyday for 45 seconds each, will work wonders for your abdominal muscles.  Put the entire weight of the body on your forearms and toes.  Remember to keep your body straight as a plank while gradually lifting it from the ground.  Remain in this position for 45 seconds to finish off one set.

Left, Right Rotations

This exercise is done to strengthen the side muscles of your abdomen and is performed by sitting on the floor.  You have to keep your knees in a bending position and your feet flat on the floor to do the side to side rotations.

Stretch your arms in front of you and then rotate to the right side first as far as possible.  Follow it up by rotating to the left side.  Repeat this exercise at least 15 to 20 times to complete a set of four.

So you see, getting fit abs at home is not only possible, but it is also hassle free and convenient at the same time.  After a long and hard day, you may feel intimidated by the social atmosphere of a health club.

But now, you know there is nothing to worry about, because the above mentioned exercises can go a long way in sculpting your abdomen and making it strong.  So I am sure, you will do well if you perform the exercises correctly and of course not allow your mind to get distracted.