How To Get Rid Of Skin Tan

Many of us dread going out in summers.  The intense sunlight leads to tanning of the skin making it look pigmented and patchy. Too much sun exposure causes the burning of the skin due to its harsh ultra violet rays. This tan is often followed by inflammation. Over exposure to sun may also cause malignant melanoma, premature aging and wrinkles.

Sunburn causes a lot of discomfort. It imparts a burnt look along with itchiness. However, it can be cured. Some over the counter medications like using a body wash containing alpha hydroxyl acid can be of great help in this situation. One can also make use of facial cleansers and moisturizers which contain natural fruit acids. Some people also bleach their skin using a bleaching powder and cream to remove skin tan.

There are a number of easy home remedies that can be used to get rid of sun tan. One such remedy is applying slices of potato on the tanned portions of the skin. Also a mixture of grated cucumber and milk when applied on the face removes tanning. Cod liver oil is another good ingredient for this problem. Applying a mixture of one raw egg white, one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon hazel on the affected area again works well against sunburn.

When fighting against tanned skin it’s important to exfoliate the skin. Shower or bathe using an exfoliating sponge and body scrub. This helps in reducing scars and bringing the skin to its natural shade. Combining 2 tablespoon of salt or sugar with lemon juice makes a natural exfoliating mixture. This when used on the affected area helps get rid of skin tan.

Natural products like Tomato juice, raw milk, papaya, green gourd, almond paste or aloe vera gel is effective against skin tan. Similarly a paste of barley, turmeric and yoghurt in equal proportions can be used. Some people make use of Calamine lotion on the affected area to remove and prevent tan.

Sun burn is better prevented than cured.  The primary step for preventing sunburn is to use sun block before going out. Sun protection factor or SPF is the measure of protection that the lotion offers. Always use a lotion with a SPF above 15. Apart from this one should also try and keep the skin covered, when in contact with direct sunlight. Don’t’ hesitate to use an umbrella or hat. Skin tan can be discomforting, but if taken care of at the right time, then no problem is a big problem.