How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the common problems related to skin. Skin experts are frequently asked a common question – ‘how to get rid of stretch marks’. In order to get rid of the stretch marks from your skin you need to understand the causes linked to the appearance of these marks. The two most common causes of stretch marks include pregnancy and excessive or fast weight gain.

Our skin is made up of 3 different layers – epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer. Each layer of the skin has its own function to perform. The middle layer of the skin i.e. the dermis is made up of blood vessels, lymph vessels, fibroblasts, hair follicles and collagen bundles. This middle layer is elastic in nature and is primarily concerned with helping the skin to retain its shape.

When scarring occurs in the dermis, it results in stretch marks. It is mainly due to the abnormal growth of skin. This is why stretch marks are formed as a result of excessive weight gain or pregnancy. Now, after understanding this reason for stretch marks, it will become easier for you to get rid of them. Some useful guidelines on how to get rid of stretch marks are given below.

Getting rid of stretch marks is not an easy task and it is a long process. For pregnant women, it is essential to consume a healthy diet and try not to gain excess weight. The probability of stretch marks can be reduced with the help of stretch mark oils and stretch mark creams. Application of pure oils such as cocoa butter can be very beneficial in improving the skin elasticity and prevent these ugly stretch marks.

If you have got stretch marks due to excess weight gain then you can gradually shed your extra pounds by eating a healthy diet. Reducing the consumption of fatty foods is an important measure to be taken by such people with stretch marks.

Vitamin E is known for its ability to repair the damaged cells. You should take adequate amount of this vitamin from your diet. Hence, eat lots of healthy foods that are high in Vitamin E.

If your profession or lifestyle demands complete removal of the stretch marks then you can opt for the cosmetic surgery, dermabrasion or laser treatment.