How To Get To Sleep Quickly

How do you get sleep? Are you one of those who toss and turn around in your bed all night long? Does it take you hours to fall asleep? Then you must address your problem at once. Sleeping less is sure to affect your health, both physical and mental.

You will be tired and irritable and your power of concentration will decrease.You may not be able to decide rationally and your state of health will be affected. You may be prone to infections, owing to decreased immunity.

The reasons for your insomnia may be many and varied. You may be in pain or you may be ill or even depressed. You are more likely to suffer from insomnia if you are a woman. Light, sound, lifestyle and surroundings can also affect your sleep. Perhaps your bed is not very comfortable. Bad habits like eating at late hours, drinking too much coffee, intake of alcohol can also affect your sleeping hours.

Work related factors like frequent long flights and working in rotational shifts are also responsible for lack of sleep. Women lose much of their sleep after menopause.Here are simple remedies to insomnia, which can easily help you to get sleep. You can consult your family physician and ask him to prescribe sleeping pills, but this should only be the last resort. Follow a correct diet and adopt proper eating habits.

Go for long walks or indulge in some form of physical activity which makes you really tired and forces you to fall asleep. You may also try to relax with the help of meditation and yoga. If you suffer from orthopnea and cannot breathe properly while lying on your back, try changing your position.

Taking some form of medicine for stress also affects your sleep. If you are rather stressed, adrenaline and cortisol which is synthesized in your body keeps you alert and awake and thus sleep is lost.Zinc, magnesium and calcium along with vitamins B3 and B6 and C supplements calm your nervous system.

Food plays an important role in deciding our quality of sleep. Heavy meals just before bed time should be avoided. Ingestion of protein rich food like tuna, milk, nuts, dates, wholewheat bread and potatoes send positive signals to the brain about an hour later. This relaxes the brain and sleep is induced. These are common remedies for insomnia.