How To Keep A Strong Core With A Desk Job


What does the core of a body refer to? In anatomy core means the entire midsection of the body excluding the legs and arms.  The main core muscles are found in the area around the belly, the mid and lower back portion of the body.  

Important functions of our body totally depend upon the core. A weak core therefore acts as a prelude to all kinds of diseases in the body. Exercise is always the best bet when it comes to strengthening the core muscles.

However, today’s busy work schedule almost makes it impossible to find time for exercise. The race to meet deadlines in office makes us delay our work out plans thus making it harder to get into an exercise routine.But exercise we must, to build a strong core.

Now the question is how to find time for exercise.  An easy solution could be to mix work with exercise i.e. exercise while working in the office. If you have a desk job, you may wonder how, because your job involves very less activity.  Well, there are numerous ways to strengthen your core while working in the office – and believe me your boss will not find out.

Abdominal Crunches While Sitting

Do abdominal crunches while sitting straight back in your chair.Keeping your arms in a crisscross position over your chest, start the crunches and continue doing it until you begin to feel a tightening in the abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise and complete a set of 6 once you feel comfortable with it.Remember to hold your abs for a few seconds while crunching.

Strengthen The Lower Back

While sitting in the chair extend one leg straight out in front of you.Remain in this position for 2 seconds while taking in deep breaths. Then slowly lift your leg up as high as possible before bringing it back to its original position. Repeat this exercise at least 15 times involving both the legs one at a time.

Reverse Sit Ups

Bring yourself towards the edge of the chair.Keep your back straight and hold on to the arms of the chair. Move your shoulders back slightly and while in this position lift your knees and bring them towards your chest.Do at least 6 repetitions of the exercise and complete as many sets as possible.Try and hold your abs for a few seconds and also breathe in and out deeply.

Bicycle Exercise

The body position should be similar to that of reverse sit ups.Move your shoulders back, slightly more towards the chair.  Then slowly start rotating your feet and legs. The movement of your legs should be similar to that of cycling.  Do not allow your feet to touch the floor.Repeat this exercise to the count of 30.

Extend Your Legs Together

Sit on the edge of the chair and keep your back straight.Bring your shoulders back and allow it to touch the chair.Then slowly lift both your legs by holding the knees and feet together.Begin extending your legs, first to one side then to the middle and finally to the other side.

Repeat this exercise and complete several sets of six repetitions.Remember to pause in every position for a minimum of 6 seconds to maximize the effect of this exercise. So these are some very good techniques to build up your core muscles while sitting and is ideal for people who has to spend long hours in the office.

So go ahead, start practicing them immediately. A healthy core means a long and healthy life and you are being able to achieve that while you’re at your desk.What more can you ask for!

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