10 Tips To Keep Your Liver Healthy

Liver is the one of the most vital organs in the human body. It accepts all the substances that we eat, breathe and absorb through the skin and processes it and eliminates all the harmful substances out of our body.

Keep Your Liver Healthy


Other functions performed by liver are preparing amino acids, purification of blood, converting glucose to glycogen and also maintaining the level of glucose in blood.Liver stores all the essential vitamins and minerals too.It also breaks down the fats, cleans the blood by producing urea and then eliminates it out of the system. Now that is definitely a very important organ right?What we are not aware of is that anything harmful will take first goes to the liver and directly harm it and then the rest of the body.Failure of liver can cause accumulation of all wastes in the body leading to a number of diseases. So it is high time we start paying proper attention to our liver by changing few unhealthy habits.

1.To begin with drink plenty of water to get all impurities washed away from your liver. Avoid water between meals though.

drinking water

2.Make it a habit to exercise daily. It helps the liver perform better, also it will cure half your health problems.

3.Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco as much as you can, because the toxins from these could damage your liver.

4.Hepatitis B and C viruses spread through blood and seminal fluids and harms the liver directly.So be careful while getting involved with somebody physically.Also be careful while going for body piercings and tattooing.

5.Never take any medicine without consulting your doctor because there are certain medicines which could affect your liver in the long run.

6.Include more of fresh green vegetables and protein rich foods in your diet. Fresh vegetables helps in detoxification of toxic substance.

fresh green vegetables

7. Reduce your sugar consumption as excessive sugar can lead to abnormal glucose level in blood.This could in turn harm your liver.

8. Control your diet because eating excessively could over work your liver and may deteriorate the condition of liver way before time.Eat light and frequently and snack on fruits if you are too hungry. Keep away from depression eating also.

9.Avoid foods you are allergic to as you may not be able to digest it, and end up straining the  liver.

10.Last but not the least, avoid processed and deep fried foods. As these are not easy to digest.Get your liver checked on a regular basis for any ailment. These things are not to hard to follow right?Little change in your habits and lifestyle can help you lead a better life.

fried food