How to Lose Beer Belly

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips; this is true of most high in calorie products except for beer. The gallons of beer that you drank to celebrate many successes and failures will show on your belly rather than on your tummy.

Therefore it has been given the name ‘beer belly’. If you want your beer belly to turn to the six pack abs that you started with, here’s how you can do it.Begin by first decreasing your intake of beer.

This is of course the obvious solution to getting rid of your beer belly. But this is also the most ignored solution. Unless you break your habit of heading down to the nearest pub with friends you are most likely to remain with your beer belly for the rest of your life.

Go to a doctor for a checkup and some general advice. The doctor will be able to give you an overall estimate of the damage that you have done to your health. He will also be able to advice you properly on the remedies that can be done to reverse the state of your belly.

Start exercising today. If you keep postponing your exercise regime you will never be able to lose the belly fat. And exercising is important of you are serious about getting your six packs back.

Simply giving up on beer will not help much if you don’t exercise. Intense cardio workouts are what you must focus on in the beginning. Start with fast walking, jogging, running, cross training, fast cycling and swimming. Once you start losing the fat you can include weight training in your schedule.

Perform exercises specifically targeted at reducing the flab around the tummy. Crunches and sit-ups are excellent abdominal exercises for decreasing that beer belly. But before you begin your abs workout check with your trainer the correct method of doing crunches and sit-ups.

Reduce your calorie intake. Eating healthy along with exercising will go a long way in bringing you back to your original self. Eat plenty of proteins to increase your metabolism. Don’t give up on carbohydrates. You will need energy to perform all the vigorous workout routines.