How To Lose Weight By Running Every Day


Many people prefer running to lose the unwanted flab from the body. Running is a high-impact and vigorous cardiovascular activity that helps shed the extra pounds and also tones the body. Well-toned muscles give a slimmer and leaner appearance.

Lose Weight By RunningIt is estimated that a person weighing 150 pounds will burn 100 calories if he/she runs for 20 minutes. This makes running one of the most efficient exercises for losing weight. However, it is important to perform running the correct way in order to burn more calories and lose weight quicker.

In this article we have compiled a list of tips that will help you lose weight efficiently while running.

1. Eat Healthy

The first most important thing while looking at losing weight is to eat healthy. Many people equate eating healthy with starvation. While starvation will help you lose weight initially, all the weight will come bouncing back as soon as you resume normal eating habits.

Besides, starvation will make you tired and unhealthy. Hence eating the right food and in controlled proportions is very important along with regular exercising. This is the best way to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Since you have chosen the option of running for losing weight,you must include plenty of proteins in your diet. Proteins will help you build muscles once you start losing the flab.

Proteins will also keep you energized through the day helping you exercise efficiently without getting tired or losing breath. Whole grains, cereals, fish, lean meat and egg white are some of the foods that are high in protein content.

Runners are also advised to drink protein milk shakes 10 minutes after exercising. Protein keeps your tummy full for long as the body takes time to digest the proteins. This drastically reduces your calorie consumption. Hence, proteins are a must in the diet of runners.

Eat Healthy

2. Prepare A Training Schedule

It can be quite problematic to include regular exercising in your daily schedule irrespective of whether you are working or whether you are a stay-at-home parent. Regardless of this you must take out at least 30-45 minutes four times a week to go running.

Running every day at the same time will help you stick to your exercise regime. This is very important because each running session will act as a foundation for the next session. As you become accustomed to the training schedule you will find it easier to stick with it. Regular sessions will also help you build your running speed and mileage steadily instead of at one go. This will prevent muscle injuries.

Prepare a Training Schedule

3. Don’t Skip Running

This is for those who cannot stick to their schedule for various reasons. Such people should make it a point to run every day. This way you will ensure that your body is getting exercised regularly if only for 15 minutes. Remember, running only for a week won’t make you lose weight. You will have to be consistent with your running sessions.

Don’t Skip Running

4. Include Other Trainings

Keep the running sessions interesting by including workouts like speed work or interval training. This will help you lose more weight while you run. Speed work is efficient method of weight loss because it burns a high number of calories in a very short amount of time.

Interval training will add to your muscle mass and boost your metabolism even while you rest. This is very helpful in burning extra calories through the day. Sprints and distance running are also good variations of a regular running routine.

Include Other Trainings

5. Run With A Friend

Most people tend to get bored with their running routine. A simple way of continuing your interest in running is by taking a friend along with you for the running sessions.

Most people these days have become health conscious and you will find a lot of friends volunteering to join you if you ask around. Running with a friend will also prove to be challenging because now you will have someone to compare your weight loss with.

Run With A Friend

6. Listen To High Octane Music

Keep your energy levels up by listening to fast music on your i-pod. Make a playlist of high energy songs to keep you motivated while you run. Studies have revealed that listening to music while exercising helps us continue for longer. You just might be able to pull off even 60 minutes of running sessions every day!

Listen To High Octane Music

7. Invest In Good Running Shoes

This is important if you wish to avoid injuries to your bones and muscles. These days every sports store has shoes designed specifically for different sports. So you can buy shoes meant only for running. These are designed to help you give good grip while you run on hard surface areas.

Invest In Good Running Shoes

8. Increase The Running Time

When you initially start running you will see your body lose weight speedily and easily. However, after a couple of weeks you will not see any dramatic changes in your weight loss.

The reason is that your body would have become used to running and will find it easier to accommodate the time limit. You will now have to increase your running time by 10-15 minutes to start losing weight again.

A good way of dealing with this saturation point is by increasing the time you run by 15 minutes every week. Hence every week your body will struggle to complete those extra minutes. This will increase your heart rate causing your body to burn more calories.

Increase The Running Time

9. Take A Break

Your aim is to lose weight. However, in the process of losing weight you should not push your body beyond its limit. During the first week of running you will find the muscles in your legs and calves turning sore and painful. After a couple of weeks the soreness would have gone and you will find it easier to exercise.

But during this time you must listen to your body signaling you to stop. Take a two minute break before resuming with your run. Now is not the time to give up. The soreness is because the body is burning fat to prepare way for the muscle formation. Stronger muscles will help you run longer.

Take A Break