How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. Even more special is the time she gives birth to life. Those 9 months when your baby is developing in the loving and nurturing environment of your uterus is a very special time. However towards the end of the pregnancy cycle many women start getting a little anxious to have the baby and ultimately start regaining their pre-pregnancy body.

However you have to be extremely cautious regarding weight loss after pregnancy. This is because trying to lose weight too soon can affect your health and the quality of your breast milk, the child’s only source of nourishment.

There are many ways to lose weight while breastfeeding but only a few that ensure healthy, effective and long-term weight loss program. Some women believe that using formula to feed their baby will help them lose weight. This is wrong because each feeding helps you burn around 300 calories. So if you are feeding your baby a few times a day then you will burn quite a few hundred calories. All that you have to make sure is not to regain those calories by eating unhealthy food.

Your diet should be healthy and should have lean meat with lots of green leafy vegetables. They will help your body stay strong and energized and not add any extra fat or calories. Since after giving birth you will be fairly exhausted for a little while it is best that you do not move around much. In this sense the best way for you to lose weight is by eating right and maintaining that healthy diet. Because combined with breast-feeding you will lose a few pounds in just a month.

You need to count calories to lose weight. So with the help of a dietitian or a nutritionist map out a diet plan that lets you have fewer calories than you expend and that way you will lose weight. If it is too hard for you to stay in bed all the time then try walking a little around the house only. This will also help you. Just make sure the quality of your breast milk does not get affected.